rutland house
photo of Yupon House south elevation

South Elevation

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photo of kitchen at Yupon House

Kitchen dining area

photo of living area

View through living area to kitchen

photo of Family Media Area

Family Media Area

photo of west elevation Yupon House

west elevation Yupon House

photo of stairwell and hallway overlooking living area

mezzanine overlooking living area

photo of LIVING ROOM and stairs

LIVING ROOM and stairs

photo of master bath

master bath

The extreme rectangular shape is derived from the massing of the project. The front of the house participates in the urban theater of narrow streets and sidewalks, while the rear integrates into the layout of the city block with smaller courtyards for each house. The long side of the house faces a large park. The first floor is one large space with exposed beams that support the second floor. The rhythm of the structural beams above reflect the different spatial functions below. Because the front of the house faces west with an open expanse to the large park, the afternoon sun pierces through to the house. Sun control for the western wall is achieved with hot-dipped galvanized perforated metal panels. The panels are lantern-like when lit at night.