In 2017, Parra Design Group designed and built a 2-story brick building on Lyons Avenue for their offices in close proximity to their development project in the Fifth Ward. The design intent is to activate the historic Lyons Avenue district by placing the building on the street with a wide sidewalk covered by canopies. Office space is available at street level while the second floor is dedicated to Parra Design Group, Ltd. 


A two-story atrium space is used for client meetings and finish selection area and also serves as an open space for traffic flow between the first floor and the second floor offices. A single story warehouse is attached to the back of the building for the storage of building materials and supplies, and a work area. The parking lot is to the rear.

The building has an exposed steel frame on the inside and brick and metal exterior. The south facade has a steel grated balcony that acts as a sun shield for the first floor offices and sidewalk.

An open house was held on Thursday, January 25, 2018 celebrating the completion of the building and the start of our 20th year in business.

The first floor space facing Lyons Avenue has been leased to the Harris County Democratic Party, with their offices located on the mezzanine and the first floor used for reception and meeting areas.