Custom Home Architectural Designer in Houston, TX

Live in a home you love. When you’re in the market for a new family home, don’t accept anything less than your dream home. With Parra Design Group LTD., you can have a custom home that fits all of your needs and wants. As a custom home architect, we specialize in helping everyone in Houston, TX, bring their dream home to life.

Dream Home. Dream Life.

While you can find a home that suits your general needs, you’ll be much happier in a home that suits all of your family’s interests and wishes. With a custom home, you have control over the size of the home; the number of bedrooms; the material of the floors, walls, and exterior; and layout of the home. You get to choose exactly what you want to satisfy your family.

 Many families can run into problems when shopping for a home, they may find a home that has some things they need, but not everything they want. When you work with a custom home architectural designer from Parra Design Group LTD., you can have it all.  

Your dream home can meet your needs, no matter how specific. You can have a large outdoor space where you family can spend time or design the kitchen you always wanted. We work with you as a team to realize the home of your dreams. 

Experienced Architects. Quality Design.

Our highly experienced architects work on every step of the project, from designing the plans to building the home. We want to ensure your satisfaction with every detail of the home.

So when you’re ready to live in a home designed for you and your family, contact Parra Design Group LTD. in Houston, TX. Call us at (713) 942-8346 or send us a message online.